Fixtures & Molds

Fixtures and Molds

Aluminum Master Molds – We design and build the master molds for casting silicone molds to ensure a repeatable silicone mold to the customers engineering specification.

Silicone Mold Making – We design and manufacture silicone molds cast from aluminum master molds to be used in potting components, thus eliminating the need for potting cases and enclosures. Various silicone molding compounds with differing properties are available depending on the application requirements.

Various silicone molding compounds are available depending on the application requirements.

All of our silicone materials are de-aired under vacuum to ensure the most air free, dense mold possible. This results in a very durable mold allowing a maximum amount of castings.

We also design and create Conformal Coating Pallets and Fixtures for repeatable transfer of boards through robotic equipment. Our fixtures are designed to be adjustable to handle various sizes of boards. In addition, we build fixtures to handle odd size modules that require potting or coating.