We use a host of machines and equipment to ensure our performance meets the requirements of the job. From PVA to Sealant Equipment & Engineering to Dymax machines, we have at our disposal the tools to fit the task.

Dispensing Valves, Meter/Mix Equipment, Automated Programmable adhesive dispensing robots, form in place gasket robots and conformal coating machines.

In addition to these dispensing systems we also use curing equipment for the materials. These include UV Curing conveyors, UV Spot Lamps and UV Flood Lamp ovens. We also have fully ventilated air dry chambers as well as convection heat curing ovens.


PVA 2000 Conformal Coating machine with multiple spray heads. Four programmable axis and two pneumatic axis that offer unparalleled coating capabilities. The dispense head can rotate completely in a 360-degree motion.

PVA 1000 Conformal Coating / Dispensing machine with multiple dispensing/spraying heads. Three programmable axis, three pneumatic axis.

PVA 750 Conformal Coating / Dispensing machine with multiple dispensing/spraying heads.


PVA 550 Conformal Coating machine is a highly flexible standalone positioning system with multiple dispensing/spraying heads for use in any adhesive dispensing application.


Dymax UVC 12 UV conveyor with two Fusion F300 lamps provides the fastest possible processing of Dymax single component, 100% solid adhesives and coatings that is both cost-effective and efficient.


PVA MX 100 Urethane meter mix servo controlled dispensing machine with programmable dispense rate and shot size.


SEE FLO 690 Epoxy meter mix and dispense machine with adjustable dispense rate and shot size. When the job calls for dispensing beads or volumetric “shots” of abrasive or viscous thermosetting (2 component) materials, Sealant Equipment & Engineering’s SEE-FLO690 is the industry’s system of choice.

Vision Mantis

Vision Mantis UV/Visible light inspection system enables detection of fluorescing compounds in the coating to detect proper application of the coating.